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Crucial CRM Features

Customer Bird's-Eye Overview
Task Automation & Customisable Workflows
Commercial Performance Overview
Invoice Generation from Timesheets & Projects
Business Opportunities Management
360° Customer Overview Dashboard
Customer Service Request Management (Ticketing)
Customizable Widgets
Customizable Reports
Customizable Interfaces with other applications
User Roles & Security Profiles
Automatic Document Recognition
Mantaray CRM Home Screen


Mantaray CRM for small and mid-sized companies will allow you to onboard and manage your customers in the most efficient way

Build a complete customer profile that will include every important detail regarding Tasks & Projects, Commercial, Invoicing, Legal, and Financial data. Enjoy our fully automated File Management System supported by Document Autorecognition Tool all in one place.

Driven by years of our client's feedback and user experience, this feature is packed with valuable tools. We included features like View Modes to help you quickly interact with only specific data types, filters, quick access to the documents, and additional file access restrictions.

Customer Management Screen in Mantaray CRM


You can successfully manage your workload with Mantaray in many ways

Make the best use of your time and spend it on something more productive than setting the same work routine every day, week, and month. Set a repetition frequency for your recurring tasks and just enjoy checking the "DONE" boxes.

Generate complete yearly workflows based on preset types of tasks.

We developed the Manager Task Dashboard tool to help you navigate the workflows assigned to your team. With the 360° view of every task you supervise, you will have a clear overview of the current status and performance activity.

Manager Dashboard does include not only the recurrent tasks but also any other that your team has created.

Use the Timesheet feature equipped with the time tracking tool to monitor how much time you spend per task for your customers. All the time spent can then be immediately used to generate Sales Invoices based on preset hourly fees.

Managing customer support requests (CSR) is always challenging, especially without dedicated tools.

Precisely for these reasons, we developed the support ticket system that perfectly works with our CSR Management tools, including Ticket Overview, Status Dashboard, CSR Planner, and Releases.


Mantaray toolset for sales team in one place

Commercial Performance Overview

Business Opportunities Management Dashboard

Sales Quotation Management Tool

Sales Persons & Commission Management

HTML Newsletter Creator

Mantaray CRM Sales Management screen


Secure management of crucial customer data for your team

Define the default user rights in separate security profiles for quick user onboarding. Create as many profiles as your corporate internal regulations dictate you and quickly access the modification part that immediately affects user rights in the connected accounts.

Keeping in mind a wide range of different corporate politics out there, we have built all the possible scenarios for User Access Rights and developed an abundance of possibilities for you to work with.

Besides just the usual data access permissions, you can choose to synchronize the Outlook and BOB50 with your Mantaray account, which will put you on a whole new level of efficiency.

Ever tried to figure out what happened to the files to no effect? It’s easier to fix the problem when you know what exactly happened. With Mantaray, you can have a complete Overview of every user action regarding the Contacts' data.

Mantaray CRM Security Profiles


Have a 360° Customer View on our newly developed Manager Dashboard

360° View Customer Dashboard is an enormous help for Managers to oversee the daily progress of the customers' tasks. What's more important is that the dashboard is super flexible and can be adjusted by either adding or removing the widgets you don't need at the moment.

With this tool, you can fully put your focus on a specific client and their tasks, create your own working space and focus on what’s most critical right now.

Mantaray CRM 360° Customer Overview screen


Display your hard work in an easy breakdown

Performance & Task Activity Reports

Sales Reports

Purchase Reports

Analytical Tools

Reporting tools in customizable Widgets

Mantaray CRM Report Management screen


Free yourself from tedious office work with our amazing Automatic Document Recognition tool

Significantly reduce the time spent on mundane tasks like sorting scanned documents in a file system, file naming, distributing documents to specific employees and teams, and even creating purchase invoices.

All these pesky repetitive tasks can be entrusted to our Automatic Document Recognition tool.

Set the templates for frequently scanned documents and enjoy the opportunity to engage with more valuable work. Your time is worth much more.

Mantaray CRM Automatic Document Recognition Tool


Healthy paperflow that no longer needs your time and effort

A tree-view-like file structure gives a clear overview of the documents, and the drag-and-drop feature makes it even easier to work with.

Sometimes small things like File Naming System being undermanaged or even overlooked can cause serious problems when talking about thousands of essential documents.

Thankfully, with Mantaray, you don’t even have to start thinking about it. This in-built feature auto-composes the document titles for you based on the selected category and type of the document.

Mantaray CRM File Explorer tool in Document Management


Your favorite applications are available in our CRM system

At the moment, our program already works with the most commonly used by our clients accounting software BOB50, the widely run email service Outlook, and the cloud document storage system Dropbox.

But our capabilities are not limited to these programs only, we can integrate almost any system that you regularly use to achieve your professional goals because the comfort of our clients is one of the most important criteria for our work.

Mantaray CRM Customized Interfaces

Mantaray CRM has everything you need to start running your business.