Mantaray Fiduciaries is a fully operational tool to manage your business

From client company management to dashboards, it will help you drive your company to the next level of productivity and control.

Crucial Features for Fiduciaries

Customer Bird's-Eye Overview (Version for Fiduciaries)
360° Customer Overview Dashboard
Task Management
Relation Organigrams
Customer Budgets Management
Shareholder Register
Board Meetings Planner
Transaction Analysis
Bank Accounts Management
Client Status Reports
AML / KYC Screening Tools
Client Onboarding
Mantaray Fiducuaries Home screen


Mantaray Fiduciaries for small and mid-sized companies will allow you to onboard and manage your customers in the most efficient way

Build a complete customer profile that will include every important detail regarding Tasks & Projects, Commercial, Invoicing, Legal, and Financial data. Enjoy our fully automated File Management System supported by Document Autorecognition Tool all in one place.

Driven by years of our client's feedback and user experience, this feature is packed with valuable tools. We included view modes to help you quickly interact with only specific data types, filters, quick access to the documents, and additional file access restrictions.

Mantaray Fiduciaries Customer Management screen


Our useful only-for-fiduciaries functionalities are worth knowing about

Shareholder Register is another tool that helps keep track of all the critical internal changes within your client's company.

Keep a complete history of shares and other key legal documents in one place. That will help to build an up-to-date company structure presented in customizable organigrams.

Display the complete company structure in an easy-to-view way by using organigrams. Show as many as ten levels of relations, visually separated by colors.

Have quick access to the contact file within the structure to save your time. This tool contains various useful features to break down any complicated organizational structure.

Mantaray Fiduciaries Shareholder register tool


Keep your bank details in one place

Link your bank accounts to the banks

Import bank statements to keep your accounts up to date

Mantaray Fiduciaries Bank Accounts


Accounting software doesn't always have the necessary tools to access all our clients' balances in one place. Sometimes it requires a time-consuming effort to see the whole picture.

Mantaray reviewed this day-to-day inconvenience and developed a simple tool that could improve your work activity.

Overview of all your clients' trial balances in one dashboard

Easy management of your records

GL accounts that can be synchronized with the Chart of Accounts from your accounting software

Mantaray Fiduciaries Trial Balances screen


A whole new level of managing your customers in a business full of stressful responsibilities

Customer Status Overview will hold the relevant information on all of the preset tasks broken down by a client in the table-like dashboard with access to the attached filings.

Easily engage in the process and manage the statuses directly from the toolbar. To display the data required at the time of working, you can sort it using multiple filters.

Organizing board meetings just became easier with our newly developed Board Meeting Management tool. Plan your meetings ahead and automatically notify all linked board members via Outlook. Record the meeting notes and access them at any time.

Have a status overview in a straightforward table format of all the meetings in one place with even more critical information like meeting host, investor, assigned managers, location, and meeting comments.

Mantaray for Fiduciaries Board meetings Toolset


Engage decision-making managers in a process and prove your professional competency at a top-level

Client Onboarding tool will help you in just a few steps to gather all the crucial data on your potential customer and stay compliant with the latest state AML regulations.

Keep track of a complete onboarding process in your company and improve the communication between departments and employees by using automatic notifications, reminders and assigning proper resources throughout the whole process.

Onboarding tools in Mantaray for Fiduciaries can also be used to onboard Suppliers and Employees.

Mantaray for Fiduciaries Customer Onboarding


Lost your battle with compliance regulations? Mantaray have you covered!

The onboarding process has never been easier. The whole process is guided by a preset portfolio template recommended to be collected before approval.

You can set aside the process in case you don't have the necessary pack of documents and return to it any other time.

Simply manage the suppliers' records by adding them through onboarding. It's easy keeping all your contacts in one place.

The onboarding hub allows creation of employee records as well, as it is an crucial part of your company's data. The end stage of the process can be validated by managers.

Mantaray for Fiduciaries Onboarding Tools


KYC Screening tool is a crucial feature for Fiduciaries and Trust Companies right now. Save your time and use the Mantaray KYC tool to extract and save all discovered data about hits inside your contact files.

Simple and easy, set an automatic KYC check based on Risk Ratings, designed to keep your company protected and always ready for an audit.

Automatic Contact AML/KYC Screening setup

Screening Hub with the latest updates and results

Document Screening

Mantaray for Fiduciaries AML toolset


Get organized from the start with our newly developed Customer Budget Management tool and manage your expenses on client services ahead

Set a budget limit for your services rendered to a specific customer. Linked to your timespent and tasks, the Budget Management tool will alert you once you have reached its yearly limit.

Mantaray Fiduciaries Customer Budget tool


Stay organized with our Document Explorer and a fully customizable file system.

Reduce your office costs by using our internal Document Creator that replicates the most popular Microsoft Office formats like Word and Excel.

Automate the complete document management process from the moment of scanning till the file distribution and auto file naming.

Reevaluate your timespent drastically and automate the filing process of the purchase invoices for your clients with the help of our document autorecognition tool.

Mantaray for Fiduciaries Document Explorer tool


Reporting management tools help you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, and timely track changes, both positive and negative.

With the help of reports and analytical tools, it is easy to monitor the life of your company, preventing more weighty problems in the future.

Use charts and graphs that display a big picture of sales and purchases to track changes in periods, customers, and types of services.

Track which type of service uses the most of your resources with our Timespent Graphs.

Use overview reports to track your team's productivity broken down by month for easy insight.

Mantaray for Fiduciaries Report Management


Manage smart. Expand the productivity of your team by removing time-wasting responsibilities and letting the technologies step up for your business.

On a daily basis HR department employees face tasks like accepting and approving holiday requests from other employees and for the most part, it's done manually, requiring signatures from the senior management staff.

Mantaray has developed an easy-to-use tool that allows you to do both, collect and validate applications within a few clicks. Notifications help you not to miss employees' requests and respond in a timely manner.

Dividing into teams helps to organize work in such a way as to reduce the time spent on managing tasks and analyzing the statistics of their results.

Teams can be assigned to separate clients and in the course of carrying out various tasks, team leaders can easier and faster track the performance of their teams.

Mantaray Fiduciaries Holiday Calendar tool


Have a 360° Customer View on our newly developed Dashboard

360° View Customer Dashboard is an enormous help for Managers to oversee the daily progress of the customers’ tasks.

What’s more important is that the dashboard is super flexible and can be adjusted by either adding or removing the widgets you don’t need at the moment. Create your own working space and focus on what’s most critical right now.

Mantaray Fiduciaries 360° Customer Overview screen


You can successfully manage your workload with Mantaray in many ways

Generate complete yearly workflows based on preset types of tasks in a few clicks.

Have a clear overview of what your coming working weeks and months will look like with our Job Planning Calendar.

Mantaray Fiduciaries Jobs Management screen

Oversee the daily progress of your clients' tasks assigned to your team in our Manager Dashboard. The same Dashboard is available for the team members with a filtered task overview based on user roles.

See what your team has planned for the time coming and reassign the tasks by simply dragging them to other dates and team members with the Task Resource Calendar.

Break your daily ad-hoc tasks into progress stages with the Pipeline Task Board. Easy to manage, this board is a game-changer if you need to stay focused on your tasks to get completed within shorter periods of time.

Mantaray for Fiduciaries Task Dashboard

Mantaray CRM has everything you need to start running your business.